Why Activity during the Holidays matters and how you can be happy doing it?

We all need more time spent together and more activity in our lifestyles in general. 60 minutes routine daily will bring you to a lifetime of good health. It not only means time well spent but it is also time away from work, daily tasks and away from the television and all the things that consume your free time. Of course, it is hard to resist the glow of the TV screens, but time for the physical activity really matters.

You know that having active lifestyle will help you on a long-term basis and the physical and mental health will improve with just a small daily active task, but many of us are not physically active at all. Routines just swallow us down during the normal working days. So taking the time to do some activity at least during the holidays will help you with so many things when going back to work and going back to the normal daily life.

Here are twelve practical answers of why it would be best to spend at least a week yearly having active holidays.

1.       You will see places from a new perspective – just imagine looking at the Green cave on RavnikIsland next ToRukavac not from the boat but with your own mask, snorkel and fins. Or climbing up the Hum Mountain and having breath-taking views for the sunset.

2.       Your will reinvigorate and remember, you do not need to be an experienced mountain biker to enjoy the world and experience its health benefits at the same time.

3.       You will not be panicking of what you will dress for dinner, as your meals will be usually with a relaxed atmosphere.

4.       You will plan your active holiday in advance and nothing will surprise you. You will have enough time for not having the reason to skip the activity.

5.       You will never work out on an empty stomach or starved, as on the holidays they will mostly cook for you. Remember, your body “craves” sugar mostly when it is hungry.

6.        You will be able to decide what activity suites you best and start doing it with a smile on your face.

7.       Most of the activities are done earlier in the day, so they will have the effect through the rest of the day. Your metabolism will thank you for the workout (even if just a walk around the village watching the sunset). (Let’s not forget, going for a sunrise yoga on the rocks looking over the open sea on the Vis Island will increase your metabolism for the rest of the day.)

8.       Doing some activities during the day will mean burning the calories also at rest, let say while reading the book under the pine trees and enjoying the glass of well-deserved wine in the afternoon.

9.       You will experience something new and the choice of activities is only limited to your imagination – new excitement and mystery will be on its way. Incredible experiences will motivate you to go and to something more. You will be amazed of how wonderful you will feel inspiring those of you around you. Recalling how you walked to your best sunset place and had an amazing massage afterwards.

10.   The Victorious VIScovery team will bring some excitement to your usual travel experience – what is more, you can always decide any length and level of adventure – it is totally up to you.

11.   You will challenge yourself – you can step out of your comfort zone and decide how far you can really go. Nothing compares to seeing the dolphins just next to your kayak in the bay of Budihovac on Vis Island.

12.   You will make memories. And those will be long lasting memories filled with pride and happiness and a little bit of feeling of achievement.

Why not make the reservation now and let us help you have the best relaxingly active holidays. Send me an email on reservation@viscovery.hr or call me on +385919058410.

7 things to do when staying in Rukavac village on the southern side of the island of Vis

The island of Vis is not one of the biggest island in the Adriatic Sea, but you are going to find so many small places that deserve your visit.

Rukavac village is one of them and we are on the southern side of the island. Rukavac is just 11 km away from Vis town and 17 km from Komiža town.

The village of Rukavac has numerous beaches all around it so, it is a popular place to stay for longer time. Come and stay with us at Victorious Viscovery and we will make sure that we will talk about those place and more. Here is a hint: if you mention a code RUKAVACisTHEbest1 I will be happy to give you 10% discount on anything that you reserve with us up until 31.07.2021. Deal?

Here is the list of activities we are going to do toghether when you come over here:

1. Do morning yoga and meditation on the rocks of Bili Bok

Those flat rocks on the most southern east side of the island of Vis form the spectacular scenery sites “at the end of the World” and offer you some of the best morning views over the Adriatic sea. With the sun rising up from your left you are greeted by the waves hitting the flat rocks of Bili Bok and when you find some shadow behind the cliffs you can immerse yourself into the stretching positions or meditation poses. You will feel the wind blowing and by the time two hours pass you will know what you want to do in the next ten years of your lifetime. Sometimes you will see the dolphins play around the sea right in front of you and you will hear their happiness. If you need any help with yoga lessons, let us know,our yoga instructors Maja, Sara, or Marina can help you with some best yoga private lessons.

2. Snorkel around the cliffs to the left of the Srebrna beach

Just jump into the water and go and swim to the left and you will find lots of fish and octopuses and crabs in those small holes all the way around. Try to touch the sea urchins and find the difference among the ladies and the gentlemen among all those black snowballs around the rocks. Make sure not to step on them. Snorkelling is great also all the way around the peninsula between the Srebrna and the Tepluš beach and to the left of the pier. Snorkelling is just so much fun.

3. Take a kayak and paddle all the way to the Green cave and island of Ravnik

One of the most beautiful sights on the island of Vis and the easiest to reach from the village of Rukavac is the island of Ravnik (=Flat island) where the capers are picked beginning of June every year. Those are the unopened flower buds of a spiny perennial shrub (Capparis spinose) and make a true gastronomic delicacy. They are mostly kept preserved with vinegar and will please just about everyone. On the southern side of the island of Ravnik is a very famous Green cave with two big entrances. Once inside the cave, you look up and from the hole above shines the sun, which forms an amazing green colour down in the sea. The swimming in the cave is precious.

4. Swimming on the beach of Srebrna

Srebrna beach has a wonderful translation in English language, Silver beach. There are two reasons to name this beach as a Silver one. First, it comes from the old times when the sea around the island of Vis was full of sardines and they were catching them with nets and pulling them out on the beaches and flat rocks of the Silver beach. When they were cleaning Sardines all the beaches were full of fish scales which shined silverishy and that is how they started calling this place Silver beach. The second reason is more romantic. There are always some waves in the Silver beach and when they hit the marvellous white stones on the beach, they form this amazing silverishy colour. You can decide which reason for the name is more suitable, but come and jump in the water and feel it yourself. Pine trees on the beach form a natural shade, you don’t even need a sunscreen lotion, and you can be on the beach for the whole day.

5. Wait with all the locals for the morning bread delivery

Luckily, Rukavac has no stores. But we have daily bread delivery which is in fact a local friend who brings bread, doughnuts, apple strudels, corn bread, full grain bread, croissants (and you can even decide whether you like chocolate or marmalade ones better) and more. While waiting for him to come (yes, he stops many times on the way to your position), you can take your time and talk to the locals and tourists and find out what is happening on their side of the village. You will find out who came home at what time, what is the best lunch dish that your neighbour had prepared in her lifetime, how many fish and what kind of fish this fishermen from down below got this morning and who’s wine is the best. You will find out also of how my children are well behaved and how I did not say hi to them the last time they have seen me. Moreover, you will find out that the water pressure is low nowadays and that it was not like that 50 years ago when we didn’t have the water at all. Believe me, it feels like 50 years ago waiting for that bread men to come.

6. Jump behind the Fabrika and swim to the other side of the bay

This is the place where the locals swim. Or in Partajun on the other side. A year ago the shortcut to Partajun was closed, and now behind the Fabrika is a popular place to come. Just jump in the water and then try to swim to the other side of the bay. When we were kids that seemed longer distance than it is today, of course, but believe me, the morning swims still feels the same. Laying down on the flat rocks right next to the pier is another amazing experience. Sea gulls might come and say hi and just once again you might hear two local women talking to each other about the third women that couldn’t make it that morning… You will understand that the time stops just when you want it to stop.

7. Come and swim the day away on the Tepluš beach

Flat rocks on one side and two pine trees on the other and white stones in between will make a perfect spot for you to come and relax in the afternoon. After the big fire in 1991 most of the pine trees were burnt down but two of them that stayed and they help us get some well needed shade on the hot summer days. You might need water shoes to enter the water. As kids we never needed water shoes at all, why is now getting harder and harder to enter the water? Well, the crystal clear water will wash all that worry away. When I was little we had Teplušbeach all for ourselves, but those were the times when this island was under the military regime and foreign people were not allowed to visit at all. Remember… once upon a time there was a tavern, where we used to raise a glass or two…remember how we laughed away the hours, think of all the great things we would do… Those were the days my friends…

Well, come my friends! Let us make memories! Rukavac is waiting for you. Let me tell you more about this beautiful place on the other side of the World. Call me on +385919058410 or send me and email on reservation@viscovery.hr