How many reasons do you need to visit Vis island?


If you are right now sitting in your office wondering what you should do next summer and why you should visit Croatia and in particular Vis island, let me write you our top three amazing reasons to force you on to book your holidays with us NOW:

1. The whole Island of Vis is thing to see

Yes, that is true and we are so proud of that. The sheer diversity of the Vis offers you so many choices. Apart from the standard visit to the Blue Cave on BiševoIsland, why not do a kayak trip to the Stiniva cove, voted to be the most beautiful beach in Europe in 2016.

But wait, there is no telephone signal there, so nobody is going to be able to call you in for a quick meeting or a make a work related short question.

If none of this is on your bucket list, how about then just having a glass of homemade wine on the Teplus beach on the southern side of the island, where time has stopped.

Or watching the sunset from the highest mountain of Hum and seeing the fishing town of Komiža down below.

Or walking all the way to Stončica light house where it is the End of the World.

Doing maybe the Green cave jump from the rocks.

Or discovering the military tunnels underground?

If you would prefer something a bit more gentle, why don’t you visit one of our many wine cellars where locals will give you lots of wine to taste and eat the best »Under the bell« »PEKA« dish.

You will be soaking up all the spectacular things that this island has to offer.

2. Finish 2020 and Start 2021 on a high note (after all those things with the virus happening to us….)

Booking a summer trip of 2021 will bring you something to hope for and you will be the one going to have the best summer holidays ever with no exception. I promise! We have all the ingredients for a perfect holiday – great nature, responsible culture, stunning scenery, special food places, great wine and so many things to do.

3. Culinary delights

Vis island is noted for its food. Under the Bell dish has been recognised by the numerous travellers awarding it somehow a special status. And with such a strong reputation you will be tasting is for sure. And with such a strong reputation for our wines, you won’t be surprised that you will be trying them all. With miles and miles of beautiful coastline we’re also famous for our fresh fish and seafood.

Come and taste it all. Call me on +385919058410 or WhatsApp me or send me and email on and I will help you find the best holidays idea for you, your friends and your family.