Top ten things that will sparkle your joy when you are on the island of Vis in Croatia

The island of Vis is a bit over a two-hour ferry ride from the mainland. Please, do not come over here just to see the Blue Cave on the island of Biševo next to Komiža town. I would like to tell you that there is so much more to discover and so many things to be done and so many foods to taste. If you decide to come here by yourself and don’t need my help, here are my top ten ideas of what to see and do over here. If you need more information or want me as your personal guide, send me and email on

Top 10 things

1. Visit Vis town

To fully experience Vis, do the walk from Prirovo peninsula and then all the way to the beach of Grandovac next to Češka Vila.

Vis is the oldest inhabited town in Croatia. It was in the 4th century BC that Greeks founded the colony with the name Issa. Most of it was built where is today the peninsula of Prirovo with some of the remains from that era. Continuing to the main town there are many recognizable architectural monuments from different parts of the history. The walk is going to take you about two hours and will bring you all the way to Kut part of the Vis town, where you are going to find some of the best restaurants. Take a swim on the beach of Grandovac and watch the sunset with a glass of local Vugava wine.

2. Visit St George Fortress

It was in 1866 that smaller Austrian fleet under the Admiral Tegetthoff attacked the larger Italian fleet and Austrians won the famous so called Battle of Issa. When the long Austrian Empire rule started (all the way until 1914) and British built what is today called the Fort George Fortress. After the second war it was soon to be forgotten if it was not for the international company that has restored and did some conservation work and transformed the fort into and event space with music, art and cuisine. Many weddings happen there every summer and some of the best sunsets are in fact up here.

3. Hike up (or drive up) the mountain Hum

The road will take you almost to the top and Hum is the highest elevation point in Vis island with 587 metres (1,926 ft). You will not be able to get to the top as there is a military radar station there and the civilians are not allowed, but a short walk to the hill to the right, St Andria with the small church still practicing religious ceremonies and amazing views all over the Adriatic Sea and the town of Komiža. Best to view at the sunsets and bring a scarf as it might get chilly up there.

4. Do the Military tunnels tours

There are many kilometers of tunnels built underground after the second WW after the island was closed for tourism and transformed into the military island of Yugoslav army. You will have to take a Military tour as most of the military sites are well hidden. To mention just some of the places to visit: submarine tunnel or the anti-atomic bunker or the tunnel of with the electrical generator are just a few. It is going to take you half of the day to visit some but the tour is so well worth doing. And of course I can take you all around them. Remember, call me on +385919058410 or send me an email on for more information.

5. Take the Blue cave excursion

Blue cave or ModraŠpilja in the local language is stunning natural beauty on the island of Biševo half an hour ride from the town of Komiža. There is a blue light that fills up the cave at some parts of the day when the sun comes in through the underwater entrances. You will not be allowed to swim and you might wait a while to enter with the official boats that will get you in through the artificial hole done in 1884, but it is worth all of the possible trouble. Try to come as early as possibly in the morning. Again, I have the boat and we do those excursions, so let me know if you want to know more about this trip on

6. Walk down or take the boat tour to Stiniva beach

It was voted to be the best beach in Europe in 2016 and as being the inlet it is again, an amazing natural formation formed long time ago having the volcanic origins. This arm of the Sea can only be reached by either hiking down a very steep and narrow path or coming by boat and then swimming in. It is a beach framed by towering cliffs and if coming early in the morning you might have it just to yourself. And there is not mobile signal there, so yes, you will be all alone with your own thoughts (khm… well, before 9:00 am or after 5:00 pm, in between there are quite a number of tourists coming from all over Croatia for a day trip to see this natural beauty.)

7. Kayak to the Green cave

There are two big entrances into the cave that has a smaller hole in the ceiling that when from about midday the sun enters the cave and in the sea forms the fantastic green color. You are allowed to go in swimming. If you care for some cliff jumping, this is the perfect spot to do so. And we have kayaks, we have the personal instructors that can go with you and we will show you some more hidden bays on the way if you decide to come with us. Send me a note on or call me on +385919058410.

8. Visit Srebrna beach

The “Silver beach” is only reachable walking down a path and it is on the southern side of the island of Vis. It has gotten its name from the silver crystal color that is formed from the waves that hit the bigger white pebbles. Those not wanting to enter the sea via pebbles there are flat rocks on part of the beach where people enjoy spending the long wished summer holidays or do the yoga exercises earlier in the morning. It was voted to be the nicest secluded beach in Croatia. Our houses where you could be staying if coming for longer to the island of Vis are the closest possible to this beach.

9. Enjoy Komiža town

It has been proven that the locals from the island of Vis live the longest in Europe. It is not only because of their climate but also because of simplicity of food. The most famous is the “Food under the Bell” or “Ispodpeke” where the local will cook you lamb or veal or fish or octopus or just vegetables for over two hours and with some of the local wine this is going to be your best thing ever. Trying the salty sardines or the pie made with some of the recipes you will want more. You can decide to come and spend Actively-relaxed holiday week with us and we will cook for you all those delicacies and more.

10. Food and drinks and local cuisine in general

With the Church of Our Lady of Pirates overlooking the town, Komiža is one of the nicest fishing villages in the World. In fact, some of the best inventions for fishing come from the people of Komiža, who were one of the best fishermen of the Adriatic region from the long times. Built in the deep bay with many beaches right in town, it is a popular tourist destination.

7 things not to be missed in Komiža town

The town of Komiža is located on the far west side of the island of Vis, at the end of the World. And if searching for the best fishermen in the World, well, come over here and you will find them. People living over here have their own language, a strong dialect that I do not understand a word, but my husband, who is from the Northern Italy does. How come? Well, this goes all the way back to the history where all the trade was mostly done with Venetians and everybody around spoke some sort of their language. The town of Komiža was then self-sufficient and so the language stayed until today.  Luckily, trade also brought other languages around, so no worries, you will be understood.

Coming from the town of Vis (which I should not mention over here as there is a big rivalry going on forever between the towns of Vis and Komiža), you should stop at the viewing point next to the main road and look down. You will see the long pier in between the village and the big church on one side and small houses on the other. The town of about 300 inhabitants during the winter is pretty empty, but they do have all the infrastructure as the real town: the doctors, the kindergarten, the stores, lots of bars where the locals hang out, the municipality, the cinema, the theatre and more.

You could easily spend a day or two just wondering around and doing like the locals do: sit and enjoy the spirit of Komiža. And no no no, locals not only sit, they work hard and apart from tourism fishing is still the number one income maker in this town.

What to go and see in Komiža while you are here?

1. St. Nicholas Church

The St. Nicholas church is on the high hill above Komiža town and is built around the 13th This is today the biggest landmark of the town. St. Nicolas is the patron saint of the city of Komiža and its children and the church has a special name: Muster, which in a local dialect language means monastery. As this was one of the main churches in the town, it was then re-built many times in between 13th and 18th C. when the tower was added. The church was not only the church but also served as a fortress as can still be seen today.

2. Komune of Komiža

Komune of Komiža (Komiška komuna, Kaštel Grimaldi) is just another fortress built during the Venetian republic in between 15th and 18th against the devil Turks and the pirates at that times. In some smaller communities on the Croatian islands the cost of the fortresses was divided among Venice and the local residents but the projects were mostly sent from Venice, which was also the case in Komiža. Komuna was built in the years between 1585 until 1592. The funny part was that at the time of the construction there was a house of the judge on the same spot and he was promised an apartment in the new fortress when it was built. The water well was built inside in the 17th C. and then later in the 19th C. the tower was added and Komuna was served as the public building. In the old times Komuna used to be right at the water lever and it was to the walls that the boats were tight (there are still holes for the ropes to tie the boats).

3. Sea-side promenade

Promenade – If you have not walked at least three times up and down the promenade you have not been to Komiža. You will meet everyone here as it is a gathering place – a living room of the town. The ladies who own the apartments on the first and second floor overlooking the Promenade are the best alarm systems in the World and if you are going to be hanging around for longer, you will start to act just as everyone else. Walk up and down, sit a bit, chat about the daily happenings and then walk up and down a bit more until you meet everyone. You can also sit down for a coffee at some of the popular hangout places, some more for locals and some more for tourists.

4. Walk among the houses to the hotel

The promenade street in between the port and the hotel is another one of those must things to do in Komiža. Stop in some of the local stores and men, you need to go and have an appointment at our famous barber Zoky. A photo with him is a MUST as he just made his child’s wish come true: he always wanted to be a hairdresser for men. You will be sited on the same chair as the famous John Malkovich or Abromovič or Ecclestone. Unfortunately, no place for women there. Phone: +385 98 784 615 for reserving your spot.

5. Beach at Lady the Pirate Church

The beach next to the church of Lady the Pirate is all the way at the end of the Komiža and there is no way out but to turn and go back the way you came. But you can jump into the sea and enjoy the crystal clear waters and a good bar at the old hotel. This is how you can enjoy just another day in the town of Komiža.

6. Kamenice beach

The water well in the beach of Kamenice is all the way under the St. Nicolas church and behind the old Factory. You will find the fresh water coming out of the volcanic rocks and a very nice bar opened during the summer months.

7. Sweets-shop Cukar

A taste of home-made delicious is in the centre of Komiža, just next to “everything”, is the Slasticarnica Cukar. This is a fantastic peace to sweet up your life while on the island of Vis and to taste all those domestic sweets with a personal note. Rosemary chocolate mousse cake or something even more local, like “cviti”, trying this is going to make your day.

Well, come my friends! Let us make memories! Rukavac is waiting for you. Let me tell you more about this beautiful place on the other side of the World. Call me on +385919058410 or send me and email on